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Картинка из sony xperia ultra

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The screen which takes up almost the entirety of the device, which justifies its entire existence.

Картинка из sony xperia ultra видеоролик

It has a p resolution, good colors and no drop off in brightness or saturation at odd angles. We generally found that the screen proved to be sharp enough though, with the relatively reduced resolution contributing to improved battery life and performance in gaming.

Another interesting addition is the 23MP rear-snapper. The megapixel wars are long over, yet Sony is still on a quest to cram as many pixels as possible into an ever-shrinking sensor size, and the XA1 Ultra is jam-packed.

sony ultra из картинка xperia

A less attention-grabbing gimmick, but an important one nonetheless, is the inclusion of Qnovo smart battery technology. The idea is simple: Qnovo technology solves this problem by monitoring the amount of charge going into a phone battery, preserving its long-term health.

Technical Specification

This is a relatively new tech, so only time will prove its efficacy, however it is a nice value add-on regardless. Design and display Bulky but comfortable Big and beautiful display Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 burst onto the scene in , phone design has never been the same. Consumers now expect trendy shapes, eschewing sharp corners for rounded edges and seeking the total eradication of anything resembling a bezel.

The screen is, of course, massive — a 6-inch panel which dominates the front of the device.

из ultra картинка sony xperia

What makes it stand apart is the use of bezels. Large ones too, both top and bottom, with the sides blessedly remaining free. Despite this, and being mm tall and g, one-handed usage is surprisingly easy, even if it still requires a few feats of acrobatics on occasion. This is a device where certain ergonomics have clearly been considered at every stage of its design, maintaining an even balance in the hand.

ultra картинка xperia из sony

The rear of the handset is coated in aluminum, which feels very cool to the touch and suitably premium. Everything has a reassuring heft, and the device feels as though it could take a knock or two and keep on going. With the front being dominated by the display, it also makes room for a call speaker, a front-facing flash, a selfie camera and more the bezels leave a great deal of room. The top houses a 3.

xperia картинка ultra sony из

In all, should this have been released in , it would have turned heads, but in the era of the Honor 7X the LG Q6 and more, it feels decidedly retro. For a certain type of buyer, it represents a unique shape that they will snap up regardless, as Sony fans have done for some time now.

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The display itself is a cracker. For an IPS panel it has excellent contrast and pretty good sunlight legibility, aided in no small part by strong maximum brightness. Backlighting is even, and there is no color shift, although as is typical for IPS it has a somewhat cool color cast.

As is the case with Sony phones, this color contrast can be altered with the display calibration tool built into the settings menu. For almost anyone, this screen is good enough however, and is certainly a joy to watch films and play games on. It must be said that while the feel of the device is nice, the attention which went into trimming the side bezels could also have been extended into the top and bottom.

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